AI Foundations


Methods and applications of artificial intelligence have become an important part of computer science. This module deals with basic concepts from mathematics and computer science. The students learn to:

  • process and analyze data using Python
  • handle different types of data and coding techniques (e.g. one-hot)
  • formulate and train a suitable regression model for a given data
  • formulate the training process as an optimization problem and solve it with an iterative algorithm.
  • solve specific problems using selected algorithms from supervised and unsupervised learning domains
  • describe the quality of a training process qualitatively and quantitatively and learn to generalize the model.
  • employ a given AI service in their own applications. 
Verantwortliche Person:
Lehmann Marco
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Rapperswil-Jona, St. Gallen
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This module is taught in English. Most of the AI Literature is in English. An intermediate level of English proficiency is recommended. The students are free to write reports in German or English. The exam questions will be in English, the students are free to write answers in German or English. 

Standard-Modul für Elektrotechnik STD_21(Empfohlenes Semester: 3)
Standard-Modul für Informatik STD_14(Empfohlenes Semester: 3)
Standard-Modul für Informatik STD_21(Empfohlenes Semester: 3)
Standard-Modul für Informatik Retro STD_14_UG(Empfohlenes Semester: 3)

The lecture will be streamed and recorded.

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