English: How Things work


This module is located at levels B2 to C1
Students' ability to communicate in the technical work place is fostered. In terms of writing, they can produce the following text types:

  • instructions
  • procedures
  • processes
  • specifications
  • technical summaries
  • evaluations
  • recommendations

Students will know how to

  • read technical texts from their specialised area of study
  • use the vocabulary they learn there in the self-study and presentation assignments
  • follow technical documentaries, and report on the content from these
  • express their ideas clearly
  • use scientific notation accurately
  • make a technical presentation
  • express technical and scientific ideas using visuals, such as graphs and charts


Kurse in diesem Modul

English: How Things work:

Students will revise their general knowledge of English in a variety of task-based situations focused on the practical needs of engineers. The course is based on a script which contains the foundations of technical English and also includes topical and exciting material from the world of technology. Students develop their specialist vocabulary on the basis of a self-study task which is related to their core subject.

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