English: Selling Technology


This module  is an English language practice module. Designed for a range of language levels from B2 to C1, it covers topics of economics and business with a particular focus on language in an intercultural context. Successful participants will have
- an increased English vocabulary
- use suitable discourse strategies in various workplace situations
- are generally aware of relevant registers to communicate successfully both in writing and speaking in an international workplace
- the ability to describe their work accurately and comprehensibly to both professional experts and people from other fields.

Kurse in diesem Modul

Selling Technology: Communication in the Intercultural Workplace:

Students will increase their knowledge on the basis of an innovative approach which helps them connect their language learning with their studies of other subjects. There is a script which encourages both individual and group learning and enables participants to practise communication in the intercultural business world. In the self-study assignment, students study a longer text on a related topic and know how to apply the theories of this text in various situations.

Uebung mit 2 Lektionen pro Woche
Vorlesung mit 2 Lektionen pro Woche

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