English: Where Tech Meets BEC


Das BEC Higher ist das Cambridge Business English Certificate, Stufe „Higher“.

Designed for language levels B2 to C1, students

  • learn to critically reflect the representation of science and technology in the media today
  • are enabled to understand and analyse the role of technology in modern society
  • are capable of passing the BEC Higher examination.

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Where Tech Meets BEC: Technology in Society and How to Pass the BEC:

Key moments in the history of technology and science are explored, with a view to how cultural and social context determines scientific concepts and practices.
Precision and appropriateness of language is taught in a number of discourse situations, such as
- panel discussions
- project management roles
- making successful contributions at international committees and conferences.

Students also receive the relevant input to pass BEC Higher, an external language certificate at C1 level by Cambridge University. 

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