International Study Week


This module is considered to be one of the highlights of the Industrial Engineering and Management course. During a defined  preparation phase and in the course of a special event during 5-9 days (ideally a trip), the students deal intensively with various aspects of the economy, industry, technology, innovation, society and politics in an international context. 

During the preparation phase, students receive professional input and guest lecturers provide information on current topics and focal points of the special event, as well as on intercultural aspects. Students receive project tasks, which have to be worked on and presented before, during and after the trip in teams or individually.

Kurse in diesem Modul

International Study Week:

Study block I: Preparation

  • Detailed introduction to theoretical knowledge about subject-specific topics required in this module
  • Preparation for the international experience, such as culture, customs, rules of conduct, politics, economy and society

Study block II: Project organization

  • Preparation for and organisation of the special event
  • Acquire subject-specific skills in order to transfer them to the setting of the special event.


Study block III: Special Event, such as a study trip

  • Acquire international andintercultrual experience
  • Tackle industrial challenges in an international context
  • Discussion and interviews with industry representatives and experts

Study block IV: Conclusion

  • Processing and reflecting the findings
  • Conclusion and presentation of project work
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Uebung mit 3 Lektionen pro Woche

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