Programmieren (EEU)


 Participants can use a programming language to solve engineering problems.

Kurse in diesem Modul


MATLAB Basics, in particular:

  • Variables, Arrays, Operations
  • Plotting
  • Control structures (branches, loops, vectorization)
  • Data types and numeral systems (decimal, binary, hexadecimal)
  • Built-in functions and User-defined functions
  • File input / output
  • Debugging

Basic algorithms (search, sort)
Software development practices
Applications: image processing, smartphone sensors, and others.

This course is taught in Flipped Classroom style (aka Inverted Classroom Method). In a nutshell, students watch online lectures and solve exercises at their individual pace as a prerequisite to classroom lectures. In classroom, we discuss topics in more details and students should engage actively (building on top of their prior learnings). A major part of the lessons is left to individual and/or group work, but the lecturer is available for discussions. Details and schedule are presented in first week.

Uebung mit 2 Lektionen pro Woche

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